September 1, 2017 sebastian

Started the implementation of the “Innovative Vocational Social Entrepreneurial Training”

ACA started the implementation of the “INNOVATIVE VOCATIONAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING – INNOVENTER”, supported by Transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020.
The INNOVENTER objectives are, in summary, to establish social entrepreneurship VET training for SME entrepreneurs so they innovate, socially as well as in terms of establishing new business opportunities; develop joint training curriculum and tailor‐made learning modules raising SMEs competitiveness through practitioners’ field visits exchange; apply new innovative education and training methods and tools through technology and knowledge transfer; support trainings targeted at start‐up businesses; promote and mediate in joint efforts among educational institutions and business communities in the BM area to improve the quality of vocational training to better fit the required skills on the labour market; support strategic partnerships’ establishments between education and training centres, targeting entrepreneurship skills’ up‐date and development through joint programs tailored to the SMEs’ needs and to organize joint VET schemes fostering entrepreneurial capacities, addressing equally unemployed and other disadvantaged groups.

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