ACA – Albania Community Assist aim to work on improvement and development of education, health, and social welfare situation, access on services and rights, environmental issues, gender issues and other problematic situations based on the needs and strategic priorities of the population in Albania, especially the groups in need, minorities, youth and women. ACA will reach its objective through ensuring and compilation of strategic documents, research and statistical documents, capacity building and expertise offering, implementation of campaigns and advocacy, lobbing initiatives in all levels, and ensuring the direct support for the communities.

Intervention fields

– Health; – Education; – Social welfare; – Social inclusion; – Rights; – Youth empowerment; – Gender; -Social enterpreneurship; – Vocational Education and Training; – Environment; – Tourism; – Heritage; Culture and Art

Technical tools

ACA is operating in two levels: implementing directly the activities; and funding & supervising the local organizations and community based groups during action implementation. ACA competences are research, capacity building, advocacy and awareness, focused on – Community development based on education, awareness and communication. – Capacity building and treatment of social issues. -Assistance to vulnerable and needy groups.

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